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Photo Albums : 2014 Sugar Lakes Fishing Event

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2014 Sugar Lakes Fishing Event
14th Annual Kids Fishing Event
April 26, 2014
by Catherine Bond-SLHOA Lakes Committee Chairwoman
What a great day for fishing!  Under slightly overcast skies, our young anglers gathered on the pier adjacent to the pool area and eagerly tried their luck at landing a big fish.  By the end of the morning, a modest count of 15 fish and a good number of clever bait bandit turtles were accounted for.  Largest among the fish were a 3.7 pound catfish caught by Ethan Fromfield and a 3.1 pound catfish caught by Kyle Money and team.  Audry Hanan  landed a 1.9 ounce cat fish, Paul Lasala pulled in a 1 pound crappie and Spencer Smith scored a 13 ounce catfish.  In the smallest catch category, Melody Fong and Trey Hamilton each caught a fish however their catch was a "little Light" for weighing in.  Both were delighted with their catch and since it is "catch and release" everything counted! 

We had excellent family and committee support for this event however Bellford Chong is the heart and soul behind our Kids Fishing Event.  He makes sure that  all the participants are rewarded with fishing gear and hopefully the desire to continue fishing not just on Sugar Lake but on all of our beautiful Texas lakes and waterways. 
And to top off a morning of fun and prizes, we were all treated to Marble Slab creamy ice cream!  Many thanks to our neighbor Eugene Fan for his continued support.

Capturing the activities was Shaun Baker. We have a great photo gallery thanks to Shaun which can be viewed on our SLHOA web site.   You will be able to view both the 2013 and 2014 photo galleries.  See http://www.sugarlakes.org/ and click on Community Events and Photo Albums.

Many thanks to the SLHOA Lakes Committee, the mom's, dad's and grandparents of our young fishermen for making the 14th Annual Kids Fishing Event a huge success.  You can bet there will be new "fishtails" to be heard around the neighborhood!

And as so aptly put on our neighborhood marquee....It was FINTASTIC!  See you next year!!
  1. Miles Silver
  2. Joseph Lasala
  3. Paul Lasala
  4. Henry Lasala
  5. Ethan Fromfield
  6. Eva Penny
  7. Audry Hanan
  8. Lara Malkani
  9. Shiv Malkani
  10. Melody Fong
  11. Trey Hamilton
  12. Clara Hamilton
  13. Elijah Evans
  14. Juliette Baker
  15. Kyle Money
  16. Mathew Pozzi
  17. Nicole Choi
  18. Edwin Choi
  19. Hayley Joe
  20. Jackson Joe
  21. Sharjeen Abdullah
  22. Sayan Rehman
  23. Azeem Sohani
  24. Ashan Sohani
  25. Brendan Smith
  26. Louis Smith
  27. Spencer Smith
  28. Hailey Nguyen