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Community Forms

In accordance with the governing documents of your Association, all exterior improvements and/or changes from the original construction must be submitted for and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Failure to receive approval for the improvement and/or change may result in you having to remove, alter or change the improvement in order to comply with the rules and regulations of the Association.

Please complete the exterior improvement application in its entirety and return to:
Sugar Lakes ACC Request
c/o Sterling Association Services, Inc. 
One Avalon Place
Sugar Land, TX 77479
or by fax 832-678-4543

Each of the residents of Sugar Lakes have been provided stickers to place on their automobiles. They should be placed on the rear bumper behind the driver.  We are concerned with security in our neighborhood and your Homeowners Association Board decided that one way to help protect our security was to have our residents put Sugar Lakes bumper stickers on their cars. By doing this, we can help protect our lives and property. When you see someone without a Sugar Lakes sticker acting suspicious, that gives you reason to call the police department to report the action. Pleas place the sticker on your car and help us prevent illegal actions in our neighborhood. If you need a sticker call your homeowners representative, Sterling Association Services, Inc. at 832-678-4500 or by clicking here.

New boat stickers are being issued for all of the boats used by residents of Sugar Lakes on Eldridge, Horseshoe, Sugar, and Imperial Lakes. The stickers will be good for 3 years and can be obtained at no charge from our Management Company.
Boats stored at the Meadowlark Storage area will need to have a second sticker which will be good for one year and cost $10/year (storage fee).
It is very important that all boats have the proper identification so that, if needed, owners can be notified in the event that boats drift away or are otherwise removed.
Boats without the proper stickers will be removed from our lakes starting January 1, 2013.
If you need a boat sticker/permit call your homeowners representative, Sterling Association Services, Inc. at 832-678-4500 or by clicking here.

The Sugar Land Police Department and the Sugar Lakes Homeowners Association sponsor the Sugar Lakes Neighborhood Watch program. This nation-wide crime prevention program uses mutual support to maintain a safe and healthy neighborhood. 
As part of the creation of the Sugar Lakes Crime Watch program, we have established a communication network that is used to convey information about crimes in the Sugar Lakes area, along with crime prevention tips. The network is also used to inform Sugar Lakes residents of events and activities sponsored by the Sugar Lakes Homeowners Association.
Sign up to receive crime watch and other community updates via the Sugar Lakes Neighborhood Watch? Send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address (optional) to the program coordinator, Tricia Bradbury, 281-242-2338.

Gibraltar Industries
(Extra Large Black Horizontal Wall Mount-Model L4010WB0)
Available online through Home Depot and Amazon.com, Unavailable through Lowe’s
or contact Sterling Association Services

Gibraltar Industries 
(Extra Large Black Lockable Security Wall Mount-
Model MSK00000)

Available at Home Depot
Sugar Land #574, 15505 SW Freeway
Available at Lowe’s Sugar Land
Available online through several web sites
or contact Sterling Association Services